Find the seeds of “MU.GEN”
With an unwavering “guide

Infinity. That is what “mugen” means. The possibilities that lie within people are infinite. MU.GEN Inc. was established in 2015 to cultivate those limitless possibilities. Today, we continue to build a rich network of people. As a consulting company, MU.GEN provides distinctive branding services in the Japanese language.

Even a big tree that stretches far into the sky has a trunk. Even limitless connections have a focal point. The focal point of possibilities for businesses is “cities”: a place where people, things, and topics intertwine, circulate endlessly, and give rise to culture, societies, and eras. The Washington, DC metropolitan area is a place like that. The seeds of infinite possibilities are buried everywhere. In order to find and nurture those seeds, it is necessary to have a “guide” who has a thorough understanding of the networks throughout the United States.

We at MU.GEN will guide you, bringing you to a level of success beyond your imagination.


Business Affiliation
  • Member of the Japan Commerce Association of Washington, D.C., Inc. (JCAW)
  • Member of the Japanese Business Association of Maryland (JBAM)
  • Member of the American Translators Association (ATA)
  • Council Member of the Japan Institute for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (JSIE)

  • Editorial advisor and advertising sales agent for Washington DC Sakura Shimbun, a Japanese community newspaper
  • Advertising sales agent for New York Japion
  • Established a mothers' class in Westchester, NY and invited experts to lecture about child-rearing
  • Provide corporate financial support to the Japanese parenting assistance NPO Origami Kids.
  • Oversaw the production, served as a columnist, and managed advertisements in the 2017 Guide to Parenting in Boston and Washington, DC, Vol. 13
  • Contributing writing and advertising sales agent for the 2018 Guide to Parenting in New York, Boston, and Washington, DC, Vol. 5
  • In August 2018, presented a lecture titled "How to Live by Your Own Values in a Global Society" at an event hosted by the Ashikaga Meisen Production Cooperative (Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture)
  • Community Volunteer Works: Organize group ticket sales for NBA Washington Wizards
  • Community Volunteer Works: Organize group ticket sales for the Washington Ballet
  • Provide financial support to Japanese professional dancers and language translation and student dancers at the Washington Ballet

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