Kayoko Abe

Founder/President of MU.GEN Inc. and SAKÉ MU.GEN
SSI International Sake Sommelier
WEST Sake Level 1
Shochu Adviser
CICERONE Certified Beer Server

Kayoko Abe was born into a family that owned a confectionery company, which faithfully followed the tradition of the main family business that was founded during the Edo-era. Based on this upbringing, Kayoko acquired a rich “knowledge of food.” Skilled at deciphering ways to cook food, as well as distinguishing secret ingredients, she has been praised by many acclaimed Japanese restaurants and food industry experts as someone who has “the tongue of a god and a ‘perfect pitch’ in flavors.” She is also knowledgeable in the tasting of alcohol, water, and tea, including saké, wine, whiskey, bourbon, gin, and craft beer. She has the technical expertise to express the taste and aroma of alcohol, which changes over time, with “concrete words.”

Kayoko has worked in foreign financial institutions and built a career working with “the knowledge of people.” Based on that career, she found similar patterns in “people” and “food.” When the purpose of projects and the ability of teams coincide, people achieve the highest level of performance. When delicious food and the rich flavors of saké harmonize, they create a depth of flavor that is uniquely special. Kayoko has the knowledge, experience, and know-how that enables her to identify such “chemical reactions” and has used her expertise as a consultant for the food and alcohol beverage industry, medical field, technology, and human resources.

Using her distinguished “capability as an ambassador of food” and “people management skills”, Kayoko works as an indispensable “connector” in the global expansion of businesses. She is the bold leader of MU.GEN/SAKÉ MU.GEN.

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